<aside> 🏔️ mtnPay is the Solana API for payment companies.

mtnAPI enforces a standard for NFT and DeFi integration into payments and commerce.

Our infrastructure composes on-chain transactions to unlock tailored commerce experiences on the Solana settlement layer.

We seek to power the “Pay with Solana” button.


mtnAPI Features

📱SPL and Solana Token Payments Enables payments when both parties want to use a specified SPL token as payment

🔄 Token Swapped Payments We leverage Jupiter so merchants can accept token agnostic payments

🤳🏻**‘Headless’ NFT Minting** Enables a “headless mint” via a QR code or through a wallet redirect link using Metaplex

📴 NFT & SFT Discounts Payment Discount enables a discount if the user owns an NFT from a specified collection

📸 NFT Photobooth Booth is an iPad app that provides a photo booth experience via mtnAPI endpoints

✔️ NFT & SFT Verification Enables verification to see if the purchaser is holding an NFT from a specified collection

mtnAPI Case Studies

The Role of mtnAPI

mtnAPI was built with product-focused teams in mind. Our tooling removes developers' burden of creating infrastructure or complex Solana transaction logic.

mtn offers standardized infrastructure via APIs that can be leveraged by Solana Pay or programmatically by developers.

We focus on composing protocols to create an API suite for Solana-based payment and commerce transactions.

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